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INTRAKSI ANTAR AGAMA DALAM BUDAYA LOKAL (Studi Enotgrfafi Desa Grujugan Petanahan Kebumen)

Tanggal: Thu, 30 August 2018 | Oleh: | Dibaca: 149 | Didownload: 2
Authors .Bahrun Ali Murtopo Publication date. 2018/1/11 Journal.Ar-Rihlah Volume.3 The village has two role models of religious beliefs, in the village of grujugan namely Islam and Christianity. Although they live in different environments beliefs, but the implementation of related high tolerance. Through some way with the public will be able to create the environment sector inter-religious tolerance in society. This study aims to determine how the public receives the difference between religious communities, the community recognizes how interfaith rights and know how to appreciate the existence of inter-religious. The results of this study indicate that the way society and accept the differences between religions. Then how society recognizes the right of inter-religious is to recognize the right of others to embrace the religion according to their respective beliefs and religions recognize the right to practice their religion in accordance with their beliefs, and recognizes the right of participation in the culture of the people around his village. Next is how the community in appreciating the relationship between religious communities and interact in some areas such as social life. Based on these results, it may be advisable to maintain a stance that is capable of creating tolerance and improve existing intolerance that still exists in several small communities in the countryside.

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