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Understanding Learning At Work

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David Boud and John Garrick Learning at work has become one of the most exciting areas of development in the dual fields of management and education. It has moved to become a central concern of corporations and universities; it is no longer the preoccupation of a small band of vocational training specialists. A new focus on learning is changing the way businesses see themselves. At the same time, educational institutions are realising that they need to engage with the world of work in a more sophisticated manner than ever before. Modern organisations ignore learning at the cost of their present and future success. In the complex enterprises of the new millennium, learning has moved from the periphery – from something which prepared people for employment – to the lifeblood which sustains them. There are few places left for employees at any level who do not continue to learn and improve their effectiveness throughout their working lives. There is no place for managers who do not appreciate their own vital role in fostering learning. The future of enterprises and the agendas of educational institutions are becoming intimately linked within the present reconceptualisation of work and learning. Today we see employees extending their educational capabilities in learning through their work. At the same time opportunities and problems within work are creating the need for new knowledge and understanding. Employees develop skills of expression and communication which spill over into their personal lives. They learn new ways of collaborating and planning which they apply in the families and community organisations to which they belong. They not only become more effective in their present responsibilities, but help transform the nature of the work in which they are engaged creating new work practices and forms of production. These are a part of the increasing pressures from work, with increased commitment demanded of employees. There are groups of workers who are marginalised and do not benefit from these trends. And, of course, there are those who find no place in the world of work. In all this, boundaries of education, learning and training begin to dissolve. Study and work are no longer polarised. Each feeds the other.

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