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Assessing And Developing Comunication And Thingking Skills In People With Autism And Comunication Difficulties

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The communication assessment record The CAR was developed in a school for pupils with autism. We were keen to carry out assessment of communication and related skills and to record progress, but we found it difficult to find an assessment procedure that looked at the areas that we considered most important when working with pupils with autism. It is well recognised that people with autism may have some difficulty in acquiring verbal language skills, but, most importantly, that people with autism frequently have difficulty using their language skills to communicate effectively, regardless of the level of their language skills. Difficulties in understanding spoken language are common. These may often relate to people’s weaknesses in using other cues to support their comprehension of language and in considering more than one interpretation of something that they may have seen or heard. For example, when language is interpreted literally, it is because only a single meaning has been considered. In order to reach the relevant interpretation, it is necessary to consider the context and other interpretations of the words. So, in learners with autism, it seems that development of thinking skills is inextricably linked to development of comprehension of spoken language. Itwas therefore considered necessary to include assessment of thinking skills alongside assessment of communication. First, we wanted to look at the communication skills that an individual has available to him andwewanted to look at how he uses those skills in everyday situations. We know that a feeling of success is important to all learners’ skills development, so we were particularly interested in the recognition of situations where a learner communicates most successfully and the factors necessary to help him to communicate successfully. Obviously assessment of comprehension of language is of paramount importance, but, rather than looking at comprehension of spoken language in isolation, we wanted to consider the visual cues that an individual may use to support his understanding. It is important for most people with autism to learn strategies early in life which they may use to support their long-term difficulties in understanding spoken language. In order to grasp a full picture of how an individual is communicating, it is necessary also to consider attention focus and social interaction. Effective communication cannot take place in isolation from social interaction. Some ability to 8 ASSESSING AND DEVELOPING COMMUNICATION AND THINKING SKILLS

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