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Business Communication Rodney Overton

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Face to face communication ACTIVE LISTENING Know why you are listening. Listen with your whole body. Give feedback and respond to the other person. Show empathy. Encourage the other person. Forget about talking while you are listening. Match your mood to the other person’s mood. Listen to the whole message. Put the other person at ease, then relax yourself. Look for positive points. SOME OF THE THINGS THAT LIMIT LISTENING Interrupting. Letting emotions control your listening. Selective hearing. Inadequate background knowledge. Letting anxiety sway what you hear. The BENEFITS of ACTIVE LISTENING You enjoy two way benefits. When people notice how well you listen to them, they usually reciprocate and try to understand you better. Relationships within a group improve. Members develop a more positive attitude towards each other, so personal support and teamwork is strengthened. Friendships develop and deepen. People encouraged by your active listening skills often discover solutions to their own problems. The opportunity to talk about things in depth - or just the chance to put a problem into words - is all they need to see the issue in its proper perspective. You get on better with people. Disagreements are more easily settled when people listen to each other. Active listening combined with empathy makes it easier to solve problems or at least reach a compromise. You can find out not only what people are saying, but why they are saying it. You acquire vital information and discover more about what is really going on.

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